By Megan Patterson

Indie game studio One More Story Games is dedicated to bringing us high quality, narrative-focused games. With their game engine, Story Stylus, anyone can write a game and share it. The company takes more of a book publishing approach to writing games, where it’s possible for anyone to use their engine and publish a game with it. Their games right now are primarily sci-fi and mystery, but the company hopes to expand their offerings to any genre writers can think of.

One More Story recently announced that they will be adapting one of Charlaine Harris’ (of True Blood fame) mystery novels into an interactive narrative game. The game will follow the events of the first Lily Bard novel,Shakespeare’s Landlord, and let players figure out the mystery of who is trying to frame Lily for murder. The team at One More Story hopes to make the adaptation a collaborative experience, and fans can follow the development of this game at


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