One More Story Games’ founders Jean and Blair Leggett traveled extensively in 2018 to give talks about their upcoming game adaptation of Charlaine Harris’ Shakespeare’s Landlord from her Lily Bard series, about a rape survivor who deals with PTSD and is also an amateur sleuth. Their game, newly titled “Lily Bard Mysteries: The Body in Shakespeare Park” is due for release in 2020.

Jean Leggett spoke at several conferences in 2018:

  • Game Developers’ Conference, March, San Francisco: PTSD & Sexual Violence in Game Narrative
  • IGDA Game Leadership Summit, September, Austin: One (Story) Game at a Time: Tales from the First 5 Years of an Indie Game Studio
  • Grace Hopper Conference, September, Houston: PTSD & Sexual Violence in Game Narrative
  • Talk & Play, October, Munich: PTSD & Sexual Violence in Game Narrative – The Making of the Lily Bard Mysteries
  • Poznan GIC, Poznan, October: One Game at a Time: The First 5 Years of an Indie Studio
  • GCAP, Melbourne, October: Sensitive Subjects in Serious Games &

Team OMSG traveled to and spoke in many cities including San Francisco, Dallas, Vancouver, Honolulu, Austin, Houston, Munich, Poznan, Berlin, Singapore, Melbourne, Tasmania, Vancouver (again!), Seattle, Toronto!