Monthly Archives: December 2015

Story World (Alpha)

Imagine being able to explore new planets, old cities or imagined worlds. Chase after Moriarty in a Sherlock Holmes mystery, escape ice barbarians, trick steampunk pirates into freeing you or find your long lost love. With Story World, anything is possible. Experience¬†a story set in a real, historical, fantasy, or futuristic city. Search scenes for…
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Podcast w WritePack Radio

Join WritePack Radio and Jean Leggett for a conversation about games you read, books you play - interactive storytelling games published by One More Story Games with their authoring software StoryStylus. Click here to listen. In this episode, the Write Pack, talk to Jean Leggett about how things are going with a different way of…
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Podcast w Entrepreneur Uncut

Khierstyn Ross interviewed our COO Jean Leggett about OMSG's startup experience and what's on the horizon. Why Kickstarter Failure Does NOT Mean Business Failure |feat. Jean Leggett This¬†episode of Entrepreneur:Uncut features Jean Leggett, COO of One More Story Games. One More Story Games was founded in 2013 and began with five brave co-ops in January…
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