Imagine being able to explore new planets, old cities or imagined worlds. Chase after Moriarty in a Sherlock Holmes mystery, escape ice barbarians, trick steampunk pirates into freeing you or find your long lost love. With Story World, anything is possible.

  • Experience a story set in a real, historical, fantasy, or futuristic city.
  • Search scenes for information you need.
  • Interview characters, flatter them or annoy them… or catch them in their lies.
  • Explore how characters and suspects are linked together in a web.
  • Piece together a timeline of events to figure out the missing links.
  • Take, use, or combine items to get further in the story.
  • Collect mementos from your stories and display them in your virtual office.
  • Create a character you want to play.

*currently supporting Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer