Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing interviews Jean Leggett

Episode 10 features a great interview with Jean Leggett, CEO and co-founder of One More Story Games. After her husband Blair’s near-death experience in 2012, the two embarked on a journey back to his childhood hometown to each pursue their life’s passion which includes the company One More Story Games and their software, StoryStylus, which simplifies video game creation for storytellers to create, publish and share story-based games. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. 

In their discussion, Mark and Jean discuss:

  • The origin of the company One More Story Games that involves the creation of interactive narrative story games
  • How StoryStylus is the underlying engine of One More Story Games that allows authors the ability to create a narrative-based game without needing to have the technical know-how
  • The 10-minute game that an 11-year-old girl created using this software which is called “Attack of the Killer Zombie Cats”
  • The game adaptation of the Charlaine Harris novel Shakespeare’s Landlord featuring Lily Bard (part of a five-book series by the author)
  • Julia Gibson, the voice actor for Lily Baird in the game
  • The “smart games for smart women” and “games for word nerds” branding that One More Story Games employ, which breaks the mold for stereotypical violence of many video games
  • How story is the central driving mission of this company
  • Where authors who are interested in using this tool can start
  • The “how to” YouTube videos authors can use to get started using StoryStylus
  • Jean’s recent TEDx Talk: “What 10 year olds taught us about our gaming tech startup
  • The experience of being hired by Microsoft to teach a group of 7 to 12-year-old girls and how they each gravitated to areas that best suited their personalities and talents
  • How important music is towards adding an atmospheric ambience in a game
  • What is possible when you say YES to imagination and you don’t shut people down
  • The award-winning game Danielle’s Inferno created by Olivia Rivard and inspired by her story of the same name (Tied for Toronto Game Devs 2017 #1 PC Game of the Year)


After the interview, Mark talks about the inspiration he derives from a company like One More Story Games and how a great tool like StoryStylus offers new hope and opportunities for writers. He then compares the training he has been doing for a half-marathon with the writer journey and goals he has been working on and addresses ideas on how he is planning on getting both the training and the writing back on track.

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