CEO Jean Leggett gave the games keynote at the Jalloo Festival of Animation and Gaming in Miramichi, New Brunswick in June 2017. The keynote was a retrospective of the games industry over 30 years, incorporating the origin story of One More Story Games and its successes, challenges and failures as key learnings.

This annual festival is the Atlantic Coast’s gathering of professionals in Animation and Games. Jalloo exists to help promote and develop the Animation and Game Industry in the Atlantic provinces. Jalloo is run by the Jalloo Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to the development of the Atlantic Canadian Animation and Game Industry as well as promoting the medium of animation and games for artistic development.

Jean was a keynote speaker for the 10th anniversary of Jalloo, the Atlantic Festival of Animation and Games. Jean was great! The audience hung onto her every word. Not only did she do a great job as a speaker but she also socialized with the audience afterwards and even changed her plans to be able to talk to a group of students who wanted to talk to her after.

I would have Jean back to speak again in a heartbeat!

Brian McGee, Organizer
Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games
June 2017