IndieBeat: How Shakespeare’s Landlord shows the aftermath of sexual trauma

Shakespeare’s Landlord is a murder-mystery, but more than that, it’s about Lily Bard’s journey of dealing with past trauma and sexual assault. It’s the first of at least two games, which indie studio One More Story Games is adapting from a series of novels written by Charlaine Harris. She’s the author of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, which many know as the source material for HBO’s hit show True Blood.

Shakespeare’s Landlord doesn’t feature any vampires or supernatural elements, but it does investigate dark topics. Lily is a rape survivor and has moved to the quiet town of Shakespeare. When she finds a dead body, she’s reluctantly drawn into an ensuing murder investigation that puts her in danger once again.

CEO Jean Leggett’s husband founded the studio to focus on story-driven games. In addition to developing its own works, One More Story has created software called Story Stylus that enables folks to make their own narrative projects. It views that tool as a way to get more diverse voices into games — something that Leggett is passionate about as a person who’s hard of hearing and whose parents are deaf.

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The IndieBeat: How Shakespeare’s Landlord shows the aftermath of sexual trauma — and the road to recovery