Creative Writing Career Podcast hosted Blair and Jean to talk about game writing, adapting your traditional writing to games and the future of storytelling.

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Jean and Blair were kind enough to chat with us about their story engine, StoryStylus. It’s a great new tool for creating story games, allowing writers to jump in, use assets in the system (art, etc.) or with their own pictures, to create interactive games with choices. It’s not all mystery or romance, either. They are doing some fun vampire games, Shakespeare, you name it – whatever you want to create.

When we asked about the art in place, they said they have some, but it is in beta and more is coming soon. Also, animations are not currently possible.

About One More Story Games:

For us, the story comes first. We’ve been working on developing our storytelling platform with a team of gamers, geeks, storytellers (and programmers!) to work towards a community for collaborative story game creation.

With StoryStylus, you’ll be able to create living, breathing interactive story worlds with photographs, videos, and audio. But most importantly, people will get to experience rich narrative, make decisions that impact their experience of the story and dive deeper into the storyteller’s imagination.

StoryStylus is currently in open beta for storytellers.