APOK: Get in the Wring

Are you ready to be Detective Miguel Mejia? Thrust into an investigation by mere coincidence and start hunting a killer. As pressure builds, find yourself in the middle of a ring, struggling to save your family and your life. Past the point of no return, moral dilemmas are swept away, knowing there is only one way out… FIGHT!

Approx 2-3 hours gameplay. $2.

Mike Walton APOK

About the author Mike Walton

Faced with the real possibility he may never wear a badge again after a near death accident rendered police officer Michael Walton unable to return to work, the seasoned officer turned his complete focus to writing, a dream he had put off for far too long. Although his lengthy and decorated career as an officer had provided him with much fodder for writing, he had never found the time to write. Stuck between bed-rest, physiotherapy and medical appointments he finally had the opportunity to compose the novel that had long been brewing below the surface.

No stranger to the sensation of adrenaline pumping through his veins while in the midst of car chases, house raids, gun point take downs, wire taps, and undercover operations, Walton didn’t hold back as he put pen to paper writing this action-packed tome. Having faced the challenges of drug enforcement, gang land turf war, child rape and murder, firearms trafficking, and internal affairs, his accident was his greatest fight yet. He knew he had to push himself to keep his mind and body strong. Thirteen years in the trenches as a police officer with two performance commendations 2001, 2002 and two Commissioner Commendations 2007 and 2009 for his contributions as an investigator, certainly gave him the skills to soldier on.

Born in Hamilton to his 17 year old mother, and raised in Northern Ontario, Michael can’t believe how his life has played out. He attributes many people with inspiring and influencing his life up to this point, with family and relatives being his biggest supporting factor.

Although this is his first novel, he isn’t without experience picking up a quill. In primary school, he remembers the love he had using his imagination, writing short stories. In grade five his teacher gave him time to develop an end of school play. He relished any assignments that allowed him to be creative.

Like many others, Walton had difficulty in his teen years. His financially struggling family divorced and at 18 years old he moved out. Accepted with a crowd that developed into a street gang, he was exposed to their sickness. As they increased in criminality, he lost connection with the group and began distancing himself, finding lifelong friendships.

After high school, he worked two jobs supporting a very social lifestyle, until he resumed his education attending Cambrian College. During his second year of college, he and his girlfriend had a child changing his future decisions. Graduating from the Law & Security program, Michael’s love of writing burned a desire to continue with his schooling, this time as an English major. He enrolled to Laurentian University and quit shortly after starting, seeking employment in Canada’s largest city to support his young family.

Taking on a job as a security officer in the heart of Toronto, Walton worked hard to provide a home and food for his wife and child. Opportunities began to emerge, and soon he found himself hired as a police officer. Writing became the key that unlocked doors, propelling his police career forward. Word spread about his driven work ethic, allowing him to be involved in many high profile investigations.

Each day, Michael recalls going to work feeling like he was trapped inside a movie. He began developing novel ideas, with one haunting him since the inception. Finally, he picked up his laptop and started changing his life once again. The first draft of APOK was completed in late 2011, and the story has since been transformed from a rough around the edges hero’s tale to an epic novel of intrigue, and international conflict and terrorist agendas.