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Imagine being able to explore new planets, old cities or imagined worlds. Chase after Moriarty in a Sherlock Holmes mystery, escape ice barbarians, trick steampunk pirates into freeing you or find your long lost love. With Story World, anything is possible. We work with emerging and established writers to adapt their short stories, novels and screenplays into interactive stories for players to dive into.

– Experience a story set in a real, historical, fantasy, or futuristic city.
– Search scenes for information you need.
– Interview characters, flatter them or annoy them… or catch them in their lies.
– Explore how characters and suspects are linked together in a web.
– Piece together a timeline of events to figure out the missing links.
– Take, use, or combine items to get further in the story.
– Collect mementos from your stories and display them in your virtual office.
– Create a character you want to play.

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Skycarver by Sutherland Booth   Approx 60 minutes

You are the inheritor of an ancient legacy – a Princess of the Dust tribe. The title was not given to you through heredity. It was given to you because the Skin suit armour once worn by the progenitor of your tribe, fits you and you alone. Once the title of Princess made you a warrior and protector of the tribe, but the armour and weapons of your ancestory are useless against starvation and drought. So you must travel West, to where your tribe began centuries ago.

Skycarver by Sutherland Booth












APOK: Get in the Wring by Mike Walton (APOK website)  Approx 90-120 minutes.

Are you ready to be Detective Miguel Mejia? Thrust into an investigation by mere coincidence and start hunting a killer. As pressure builds, find yourself in the middle of a ring, struggling to save your family and your life. Past the point of no return, moral dilemmas are swept away, knowing there is only one way out… FIGHT!

APOK Get in the Wring

APOK Get in the Wring


Mulcaster Murder by Sutherland Booth  Approx 20 minutes.

A homeless man is found dead next to a construction site. While it initially looks like suicide, a few things seem suspect, prompting an investigation by the local police department.

Mulcaster Murder

Mulcaster Murder