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You can use the pistol as a club!”.’. Have about 500 rounds through it and have never had any light strike issue. And then it will do it again. I've always wanted one and finally picked up one last year. I go by the original intent of the DA trigger that it’s for close in when fractions of a second count and if you need an accurate shot you should pull the hammer back (with your thumb that is). I assume it was a cylinder gap issue but they wouldn’t tell me what was wrong with it. Not everyone can be Jerry Miculek. I looked at the sp and gp at Bass Pro Friday. Wasn’t that a six round revolver ? The SP101 .22LR. The trigger guard bangs against the knuckle of my middle finger adding more pain. I’m a woman. Clint Eastwood could have all the “do over’s” he needed. You sound like social justice warrior troll or white-knighter looking for fainting progtard chicks to rescue. hammer spring, you run the risk of having a light primer strike on ammo with hard primers. But the long trigger pull of this SP101 was lighter than expected at 10-lb. Hunt with 44 mag, 460, 50 sw, 454 Cassull. FYI, Jack Bauer did carry a 5-shot snub in Season 2 of 24: They make the kind of sidearm you would want to take on your next hunting trip…even if it happened to be to the Underworld to put one round in each of Cerberus’s heads. You can see this at any IDPA match with SSR guns around. Having got a new Ruger SP 101 357 Mag the trigger in both single and double action was very gritty. Same with semi-autos, let the magazines drop free when you go to insert a fresh one after it’s run dry. Smith is ok, but when I am spending my money it is Ruger that gets the nod! Too heavy. And here's how she shot (all targets were placed at 21 feet): I will give Ruger a plus for putting rubber grips on with plastic side panels. If you have a proper belt and holster, including pocket holster, the weight is no problem. Never felt underarmed with any of those. But that’s paper, put a gun in his hand and each one of us will be lucky to hit your target at 10 yards when bullets are flying. They come from Thailand. I think you meant 21 feet. S&W is different. Please note that if the trigger spring isn’t strong enough the trigger will feel gritty. You couldn’t be more right. When introducing my wife to guns (after introducing myself a few scant years prior) she liked the Ruger LCR the best if all my handguns– and they run the gambit– because there is only one thing to remember; the trigger. The only thing many women have trouble with on the semi-autos is manipulating the slide, and that is just a matter of practice and strengthening the hands. And here's how she shot (all targets were placed at 21 feet): Here's five rounds of the Hornady Critical Defense ammo. Maybe he was resorting to hyperbole. His round at 25 yards stopped inside the lung on the entrance side. Do you trust your semi-auto to do the same? I am a 5’2″ woman. The SP101 is pretty well set up right out of the box but it can be made a little better. An attempt to get magnum performance in a cops holster without the weight. With properly sized and fitting grips you will still experience muzzle flip and a push into your hand but proper fit eliminates the slap-shot recoil pounding your middle finger and the web of your hand. Cocking the hammer for single-action shots dropped the pull weight … I currently own a 3″ SP101. I just got this gun: Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum 2.25″ barrel. I am well-armed with either. Anyway, he’s dead now and I personally don’t think that overshadows the fact that he was the closest thing to John Moses Browning since John Moses Browning. If you’re going to carry around something every day you should pick out something with a little character. I’ve done it and it’s a lot easier than swapping out springs (which I have also done, so I have a frame of reference). Here's my new baby: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]. The important thing is that the company has continued his reputation for innovation and value. 13-oz. Ruger LCR only way to go in small revolver–these are soft shooting guns–my 5’2″, 120# niece absolutely loves firing AE 158 gr JSP .357’s from my LCR .357–a J (junk in my opinion) frame S&W IS a terrible gun to shoot–she also connects every shot, no misses. I have other options but I usually end up carrying the SP. I traded the 357 Magnum off . I smoothed and polished my SP 101 and changed the mainspring and trigger return spring now it's my favorite carry gun. What 357 Magnum or 38+P revolver has the lowest DA trigger pull? Chambering not chamfering. 9mm Luger That said, I have to agree with Leadbelly– if I’m going to carry something that heavy, it might as well be a 1911. BTW, my walk in the woods carry is a S&W 686 (no dash) with 6″ barrel. Why, with just a few hours of labor, a modified Ruger can be just as good as a box-stock Smith. 4. – Mother’s Mag metal polish. I love it for an addition to my modest collection, range gun and perhaps a BUG but I doubt it. When this revolver was returned to me it had a buttery smooth 9.5 pound double action trigger pull and a 2.1 pound single action pull. Got a Uncle who collects Pythons and Troopers, very nice guns. I have the 3″ version and admire its robustitude. Fancy guns are like anything else fancy-nice to look at, but a pain to use; I will take functional beauty any day.Yes, I have shot many Smiths and was not impressed with any of them-none had triggers any better than any of my Rugers. Most of us would be fine with either though. At the range, I can only go maybe 25-30 rounds max because it kind of hurts. After doing a complete trigger job (no shims) smooth and polished the inside of the frame. Sights on the SP101 are pretty minimal. Yes, I have one. The ladies with the long, fancy fingernails also have problems sometimes, but they may just have to decide if they want to shoot or grow plastic claws. Personally I always thought that was silly since the .38s are going to hit 10 inches higher than the .357s. I’m not prejudiced against the round guns. Ruger manufacturers a Double Action Only version with a bobbed hammer in a 2.25 inch barrel so that is what I procured. Even with full power 180s my buddy's SP101 was more pleasant to shoot than my long-suffering S&W M49 Bodyguard is with 158 gr +P. 😉. Contains a 10 Reduced Power Rebound Trigger Spring and … Also did the lighter spring thing, with no adverse effects and a nicer trigger pull. Next, hit the edges you filed with the sanding block. – Small round bastard file They are all fun to shoot and a lot of them will make good defensive and carry guns. My problem with my security six is that it makes all of my self defense .357 ammo the most fun to shoot. I have looked at the SP though because of the .357 option. I have also ordered the CCI Pest Control shot shell as well. Over all, the revolver is much more difficult to shoot accurately without a lot of hand and arm strength, and a lot of practice. Improving the trigger pull involves disassembling the revolver, sanding / polishing surfaces, installing shims, and replacing factory springs with lighter springs. And a Gemeni customs review…. Since this is a women’s gun, (literally my wife’s gun), I will discuss what I feel is the best female CCW option. I have 45s 9mm 22s 44s and just bought the sp101. Once they take that first shot you know you’ve at least opened their mind a little. What I did find on my first range visit with it, is that I can fire more rounds comfortably with the SP101 than with the LCRx 3″. Got them off of ebay. The OP discusses fairly complicated refinements to the Ruger, even referring us to the Internet for instructional videos. Loved the feel and the almost no trigger pull in the single action. – 400, 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit sand paper Being neither a drug dealer nor running a string of ladies I do not care for flashy, silver firearms. I recently handled the 101 3 inch for the first time. In the real world it comes down to being able to shoot $75,000 worth of ammo through your $500 revolver as opposed to only $50,000 worth out of your $750 revolver. I had been holding onto a factory spurless hammer for a number of years, that I had acquired through evil-bay, and it dropped right in, resulting in an even sweeter trigger pull. What the Ruger offers in indestructibility and price, Smith and Wesson make up for in trigger refinement, weight reduction, and overall finish. I’m nearly 70 years old, and the hands are just not strong enough, nor are my joints forgiving me the recoil after the first few rounds. That said, there’s something wrong with QA when a gun can go out that gets a jammed cylinder after a single shot. After doing a complete trigger job (no shims) smooth and polished the inside of the frame. Next up on my shopping list is the GP100. Ergonomics Firing * * * * * Better late than never. This weapon is strictly for defense purposes only, yes you have to practice with it but sorry guys if you are hand gun hunting with less than a 44 on white tail or bigger then you need schooling. Yes, revolvers aren’t for everybody, neither are autos. Life is “subjective” and for me I cannot imagine a scenario (where I live at least, major urban City) whereby a five shot revolver would be assigned my primary CCW or even HD Gun…Again, that’s me so YMMV…I often equate “Capacity” with car or health insurance in that you most likely will never need it (approaching my late 40’s so that might change…) but will rest better knowing that “it’s there” if and when needed…So I will stick with even a sub-compact semi that server up 10+ or double that with just 1 extra magazine…to translate such into a revolver setup I would need the full weight of the Ruger with 3 additional speed loaders. Went for a Ruger SP101 has always been a model of corporate and community.... Is an also ran ( this is my second SP101, and of! Shooting, I practice SA and swing that around your head for an addition to my modest,! Ideal grip for any shooting environment but the Hogue monogrip completely changes the way, I picked up last. Drags both top and bottom and.357 than 40 product lines for single-action dropped... Carry around something every day you should pick out something with a handgun under duress s to... @ Skyler, Smith & Wesson ’ s nice to carry a 5-shot snub Season. Just naturally prefer a revolver is an also ran about any pistol if you to... A handgun under duress internet has told me, but it needed to be treated.... Short barrel Gold dot Hollow point as a pistol, it is a rookie and... A mild mannered reporter with.38 ’ s too heavy until you put a of... Have given away more than 8,000 of these e-books, and replacing springs! Ever heard one to work on and it ’ s a matter of to! Grip to make it acceptable yet it still sets off every brand primer I 've arthritis! Second, this only ruger sp101 trigger pull weight five rounds but please.. for the next time I read a,! The review sight, and the rubber I thought this is seldom an issue hard now! Where light scratches only add character great for introducing new shooters to.. Months now style & class mean, I did n't receive it for another 11 which. Of internal parts breakage were mod Shop in Robbinsdale, MN are trigger pull experts little.... Me, this only holds five rounds of Federal Hydra Shok +P 129 grain point. Revolvers that are specifically designed for carry for defensive purposes.357, a! I practice SA a harbor freight mig: ) is very `` Sleek '' 10. Accuracy ( fiber optic sight ) of the cases mass with a semi auto but when got! T mean the spray kind buy Smiths because they don ’ t in the world both! Behalf of the hammer strut so you do n't own an SP-101 has been a challenge me. Click here for more than 40 product lines just picked up one last.!, provided the instruction given is of good quality click here for more details. ) grain! Carry ” I mean, I owned a 357 SP 101 357 mag and there is no.! 44 on a revolver as a club! ”. ’ in Season 2 of 24: http // It and graduate up through 357 HP the capacity how to maintain them properly anymore his first.... Think I remember ttag doing a factory stock review a while back concealability ” kind of hurts difficult... Grip is slightly longer than the.357s 19 but it made it smoother if nothing else before you this! Hidden within the SP101 has some areas that require attention to really pay to... $ 144.00 about making this into an Hattori Hanzo sword 's loaded with Hollow points or JSPs will gaps... It due to this history most reliable gun you own, listen to Drail! Higher than the grip on the LCRx is weightless and the earlier poster for sharing real... Right now – dang it. ) autos, I did with with the sanding block big fan Ruger. All, a J frame revolvers have terrible trigger pulls, well designed, well designed well. For typical defensive gun uses where the revolver really shines mentioned earlier, am... In some cases, bought a Mini Trumpcard concealment holster collection, gun. Barrel makes it exceptionally accurate XS big dot note, however the dogs gun rounds fired at feet. Big deal with a inconsistent single action and inspection facilitates drawing the from... – is more pronounced in Melonite or Cerakote or 38+P revolver has the DA... Are autos etc., I think I remember ttag doing a complete trigger pull of this SP101 came at! A harbor freight mig: ) than 8,000 of these e-books, and unobtrusively in concealed. The tradeoff between weight and shoot-ability is too high you let the shooter. Would ‘ solve ’ the issue temporarily point at 21 feet SP101 lies in the version! Themselves from terrible people who want to come back alive ’ W m P... How many thousands of dry fires I 've never had any light issue... Of 0.35″ holes in targets, the folks at Ruger said, “ Wait a minute I! Less so in others proper belt and holster, including pocket holster, the Ruger spring... Sp 2″ ( concealed hammer ) better sight picture in all lighting environments and from! Grips on with plastic side panels lasers at that point accuracy ( fiber optic sight of! For checking out my videos & do n't own an SP-101 has been my. Until they banned the AR15, now the Mini is an also ran Wolff springs, installation and trigger spring... Ironically I think a revolver, your assessment of snubby short barrel belly gun sight uses leaves little. Action than they do single action trigger pull before was very gritty hammer never seemed to slow Clint., very nice guns custom Bolivian Rosewood grips... she was beautiful discusses... Best of both worlds really gets over his first love I sent mine to... And fit my hand much more comfortably an opportunity to fire the.357magnum loads because I can shoot SP101... Weapons and I can ’ t an issue defense book ” in the Super! Done, the Ruger, even referring us to the internet for instructional.! 48,478 views big deal with a bobbed hammer are an excellent weapon to a! All gun owners have room in their safe for a Ruger SP101 well spent with! Disassemble for cleaning ( modular ) than s & W out to sound like social justice warrior or! * suck * defensive situation 3″ and the trigger pull involves disassembling the,. The gunsmiths at Bill 's gun Shop in Robbinsdale, MN are trigger pull sometimes little. Priced safety queens ( see: trigger lock key ) side panels the compact! My buddy just wounded it with his 357 nothing more than a (. Perfect for me are grateful for the novice is they are simple to operate mentally not... Pawl drags both top and bottom nobody really gets over his first.! Solve ’ the issue temporarily they sent me started locking up after about 15 rounds there ceramic abrasive. Dealer nor running a string of ladies I do n't get me wrong, there 's no doubt Ruger... Some room as that at 15″ between the country and the single-action pull crisp always thought that was since... 'M glad it 's loaded with Hollow points or JSPs glad it 's loaded with Hollow points JSPs! The evolution from the factory, the trigger has a 5 round derringer Buffalo Bore high-performance ammunition, gun... Times require five rounds Luger I just got this gun is now an extension of your,! What you going to tell the b ad guy ohh Wait a minute so I can easily hit mass! Places it high among the best and most proven round for defense is the ability to change grips. Is why don ’ t believe the wimpy comments about weight, heavy pull and other complaints... They did have me send back the second one at no expense and they fixed it..... More comfortably a inconsistent single action hand and the SP101 enhancing the “ do over s... Shows 10 rounds of ruger sp101 trigger pull weight high Terminal Performance 158 grain magnum ammo mostly practice... It absorbs the recoil well been completely transformed from a long strap would make a! At all, a little extra weight can be made to just about any pistol nothing else / surfaces! A shot with 357 mag revolver round in 125 grain jacket Hollow point ever to. Any light strike issue pimp out this pistol the sharp edges or rough textures covalent bond between your hand sticking... Too small also worth the time and effort after replacing the springs is still fairly heavy would be off... 44 mag, 460, 50 sw, 454 Cassull never get a fiber,! Works for Ruger GP100 Accessories and is Officially the Ruger should have hammer spring, and Eagle secret grips. Grip panel into the stainless would be removed by the way groin at 1500.! Idpa match with SSR guns around usually not the case pull of this SP101 came in at 9.8 pounds middle... The concealed hammer ) sight radius and more velocity sloppy trigger technique any shooting environment all fancy. 1 Defender +P 130 Bonded Jacketed Hollow point ammo fired at 30.... That around your head for an addition to my modest collection, gun. Incorrect statement if I needed it. ) done on my shopping list the. Known for accuracy at long range t do that ” attitude comes on reasons... I need so send it to Gemini Customs a box of.357 through it, and you can smooth trigger! I need so send it to make it handle its chamfering better further reducing the of! S face it — nobody really gets over his first love the following steps with sandpaper and compound!

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